Friday, June 08, 2007

Summer is Here - Time for Farmer's Market Cocktails!

With the arrival of summer comes the bounty of the amazing organic foods available at Farmer's Markets all over the country. In Northern California we get some things just a little earlier than others, so we've already jumped into the refreshing cocktail season. But with a firm foot in June, the rest of the country now can get their hands on great organic ingredients at their local farmer's markets.

Just like with my cooking, summer herbs start enticing me to cook up light, refreshing dishes. Mint, basil - traditional, lemon and Thai basil -, cilantro, thyme and a few others are my favorites. Most people would not think that these culinary herbs are also perfect for cocktails, but with very little extra effort, you can turn a classic (or almost classic!) cocktail into a unique culinary cocktail. Our current favorites are the "Spajito" - a cucumber-infused vodka riff on the traditionally rum-based mojito, the Basil Gimlet (you can use any variation of basil for a different taste. Try the Thai Basil Gimlet with Asian fusion cuisine!) and the Wild Berry Lemonade (with thyme). All of these easy recipes can be downloaded from our website at

OK, now with the fun part of our business out of the way, since this is a business blog on the trials and tribulations of our entrepreneurial journey, I guess I should stop talking about cocktails and start talking shop! As this is a public blog, I can't give away too many details, but let's just say that things are pretty dandy right now on the Square One biz. The team has spread out and hit most of the country in the last month or two, kicking off new markets, attending high profile mixology events with some of the top mixologists from Portland, Atlanta, NYC, San Francisco, Philly and other cities, and attending a green event or two.

As we've said before, we try to go beyond organic and be a green company whenever we can. We announced a month ago that we would start tracking all of our airmiles and buy carbon offsets to help reduce our negative footprint on the earth from all the travel we've been doing. If the term "carbon offset" is new to you, please spend a minute or two learning about it here -

Keeping with the green theme, and in support of the non-profits trying to do their part, we are a proud sponsor of the summer fundraising events for Trust for Public Land, Parks for People program. Events will be held in several Kimpton Hotel properties in major U.S. cities. Proceeds from the benefit events will help create and preserve public parks in urban areas. To learn more or donate to TPL, please visit their website at

We also have some pretty fun things up our sleeve. While we can't reveal the flavor profile yet, we are soon to release two additions to our organic spirits line later this summer. We're pretty darn sure that what we have done has never been done by anybody else, and certainly not while remaining fully certified organic along the way. So we like to remind people that we are small, but we sure are mighty when it comes to new ideas, innovation and the sweat to make it happen. So stay tuned and check our an upcoming post for the reveal!

Enjoy your summer cocktails and don't forget to support your local Farmer's Markets!