Saturday, August 18, 2007

Enter the "Square Off" Organic Cocktail Competition

In case you haven't been paying attention, fake flavored, syrupy cocktails are out, and fresh ingredient cocktails are in! Our friends over at with the support of local San Francisco non-profit Om Organics are helping showcase fresh ingredient organic cocktails by hosting the 1st Annual "Square Off" organic cocktail competition. Online entry deadline is August 31st, so enter fast! Open to both professionals and amatuers, the winner from each of those two categories will come out to San Francisco in September to compete head to head in front of a live audience. To enter as a competitor or to buy tickets to the online event go to

As you've heard us say before, we are a small artisanal spirits company going up against the big brands with big dollars but we are happy to say that consumers out there are smart, and know when they see and taste an authentic and top-quality product that goes beyond marketing hype. That has been repeated back to us time and time again by our customers in the restaurants, bars and retailer across the country and the consumers too. Being entrepreneurs in a competitive space is tough, but thanks to feedback like that and the support of so many people out there like our Make Mine a Million and Count Me In supporters, we are winding down summer with a splash, heading into the fall season lots of fun things to do, like the Square Off cocktail competition. Come out and join us and visit our fair city of San Francisco at the best time of year (fogless) - September!


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