Sunday, September 07, 2008

Celery Cup #1 - gotta try it!

We were so fortunate to have been invited by reknowned Mixologist and U.S. Slow Food Chair of the Board of Directors, Allen Katz, to be one of the spirits to be showcased at Slow Food Nation 08 in San Francisco over Labor Day Weekend. My only regret is that between making my own heirloom tomato water (from NoCal farm - Smith Family Farm - ) from Red Flame and Golden Brandywine heirlooms, and then shaking our own cocktails during two shifts on Saturday and Sunday, that I didn't get to attend as many of the events myself. But being able to show people what we mean by Slow Food-style cocktails was worth the sore shoulders (from shaking cocktails above my shoulder) the sore palm (from banging loose my mixing glass from the Boston shaker) and sore fingers (from grabbing the muddling stick every 10 seconds!)! For those of you who missed it, check out our cocktail recipes on our website that were used during Slow Food. With our organic rye-based Square One Organic Vodka, we muddled fresh basil and strawberries from County Line Harvest, a member of Marin Organic to make a more sophisticated version of a Strawberry Cooler. And while our Brand Ambassador, H. Joseph Ehrmann, was wowing the crowds with his Celery Cup #1, (photo here) a riff on the classic Pimm's Cup #1, I was busy making an "August Sun" with our Square One Cucumber, heirloom tomato water, muddled basil and sungold cherry tomatoes, Lisbon Lemon Juice from McEvoy Ranch, a touch of organic agave nectar, and of course, a hearty shake! Don't take it from me, just read what some of the other bloggers had to say about these two cocktails: and

Hope everyone tries to make it out for Slow Food Nation next year!

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